ayantu tadesse
Best Roofing service! We are pleased to have Israel in our service! Thank you!
Lloyd Docter
Excellent 5000 sq ft roof. No issues after 3 years. Good follow they on complex built in gutter roof. I reccommend Sounders Rooding.
Abelardo Arias
A very satisfied we the team and owner of Sounders roofing!!
Damon Mastrobattisto
Our Sounders Roofing was one of the best we’ve had with a contractor. Short story, my wife and I had an interesting experience with a prior roofer that needed remediation. Sounders stepped in when most wouldn’t and saved us. Long story, Sounders took our job when the other roofing contractors either wouldn’t or priced themselves out, citing job minimums, etc. They were reasonably priced, offered additional discounting sensitive to our situation, and were professional from the start. Not only did they help with aesthetic decision making and product education, but they also worked through some of my order mistakes (another place they stood apart, not concerned with the materials markup they could charge from ordering themselves) without a single complaint, despite the additional time it took to reschedule and the late hours it sometimes pushed them into. Further, they finished on a Saturday just to be sure the job was done within their projection. Summary, they went above and beyond, in my opinion, to deliver a quality service with patience, professionalism, and great value. I would recommend Sounders LLC to anyone with roofing needs.
Ernesto Chavez
Very professional. Excellent, clean work.
Sharon Gordon
5-star rating in our book. Professional, Responsive, Friendly, from start to finish. An outstanding 2-man work crew that arrived on time every day. Any under lying problems they encountered was immediately brought to our attention. The owner was also equally attentive, coming to the site to make sure we understood both the problems and resolutions. There is nothing as important as the roof of your home. Sounders Roofing LLC is by far the best!
My review is not Roofing related yet Community related. When this gentleman had to drop his load due to poor loading of someone else's hand I got excited thinking someone was dropping a huge load of wood in front of my house when he explained what had happened out of the goodness of his heart left me four huge pieces of Timber for free at the cost of wood these days this was a huge surprise to me neighbors helping neighbors thank you